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In a world where social media rules, the key to success lies in strategic marketing. But with a multitude of platforms at your disposal, how do you decide where to shine?

At Socialcell, we’ve got the answers. We’re here to catapult your core services into the spotlight through targeted SoMe (Social Media) marketing that speaks directly to YOUR audience.

Social Media Marketing

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As your Social Media Marketing agency, we specialize in empowering ambitious companies, from burgeoning web shops to global giants, in generating leads through social media.


Here, the older generation dominates the organic marketing scene, but don’t underestimate the power of youth. With Facebook, you can tailor your ads to reach both demographics.


In the world of visuals, Instagram reigns supreme. Impeccable images and videos are the currency here. While the younger crowd still leads, older users are hopping on the Instagram bandwagon. Bonus: paid ads are cost-effective on Instagram.


LinkedIn boasts over 100 million users in India and 1 million in Nepal, primarily among the educated populace. Ideal for B2B companies, but B2C exceptions abound. If visibility, relevant leads, and boosted sales are on your checklist, LinkedIn marketing is a must.


Pinterest is the realm of inspiration with its visual “mood boards.” Women aged 25-45 are particularly captivated here. Yet, many businesses have yet to harness Pinterest’s potential, making it a treasure trove of untapped possibilities.


Short, sweet, and tweet-worthy, Twitter is where users broadcast their thoughts. Users curate their timelines by following others and searching topics. Think of it as a tailored newsfeed with the occasional promoted Tweet.


Snapchat, the darling of the younger generation. Organic marketing isn’t an option, but paid ads flourish here. If your business caters to a younger demographic, Snapchat is your stage.

Organic and paid marketing

Two sides of the same coin, social media marketing can be organic or paid. Organic marketing includes free strategies like posts, competitions, and multimedia content. On platforms like Facebook and Instagram, it’s akin to using your personal profiles, but with precision.

Paid Ads
Paid Ads

On the flip side, paid social media marketing unleashes the power of advertisements. Tailored to meet specific viewing requirements, these ads must be compelling, or they’ll fade into obscurity. That’s where a marketing agency can be your guiding light.

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